The Rock is the most popular restaurant in Paje, which offers a picturesque view of the island. The restaurant is built on a big rock. At high tide, it looks as if it is floating on the waters of the Indian Ocean. Low tide reveals the big rock eroded by ocean water. The Rock stands alone on a coral outcrop covered with green plants.

With only 12 tables the restaurant is quite intimate. Booking is recommended if you want to dine here. A meal for two people including 2 main courses, 1 appetizer at The Rock costs about $120.

During low tide, the water is shallow. You can walk from the sandy beach to The Rock. Algae covering the coral outcrop creates a picturesque green view.

High tide starts around 4pm, bringing the water up to knee-level. Customers can wade to the restaurant. If you arrive at high tide, the restaurant can be reached by boat. Locals always dock their boats at the beach ready to serve you. It is about $10 for a return row to the restaurant.


The Beach House restaurant is the place you should choose to enjoy exquisite dishes. This is considered to have the best ocean view in Stone Town in Zanzibar. A meal for two here costs about $100.

The most popular Persian style tea house – restaurant of the town is Tea House Restaurant at 236 Hurumzi street. Tea menu is at $10, food menu is at $50.


Besides, you can also enjoy a warm cup of African tea at The Seyyida hotel. The intimate and classic atmosphere of this hotel will satisfy you in a delightful night with your beloved.







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