The concept of punctuality differs between cultures. Burundi culture or African culture in general is lack of punctuality. Everything happens very slowly. When they tells you “wait 5 minutes” that means you have to wait 15 minutes, be prepared and calm. Most of the items you order will be ready in 30 minutes.

Anyways, it’s worth to wait for the nice food, isn’t it? Here are some restaurants that I have visited. As I tell you earlier about the punctuality culture, if your belly is growling, you better to be smart choosing the right one, otherwise, you can die of starving.

Cafe Gourmand – A French bakery serves coffee in Burundi. There is a variety of delicious cake that you are spoilt for choice. At Gourmand, an order will be served, on the average, in 30 minutes if you keep reminding the waiter/waitress.

Kiriri Garden – your drinks will be served in 20 minutes and foods will be ready in 30 minutes.

They serve faster in Hotel Club Du Lac. It’s about 10 minutes for the drinks to be served and 25 minutes for foods to be on your table.


Buja Cafe worths a great service rate. Waiting 15 minutes for enjoying your meal, how nice it is! If you are hungry as a bear, head to Buja Cafe.

1.Nice view: Kiriri Garden & Belair

Located in the mountains, this is a big hotel with beautiful and modern decoration but very “Africa-style”.

Hotel guests or non-hotel guests can buy the swimming pool ticket which costs around 50.000 france bu/person.

The restaurant is on the terrace with city sightseeing & nice view, polite and professional service.

It costs from $5 for drink and costs $10 for food and like many other restaurants in Burundi, everything is served very slowly. You have to wait 20 minutes for drink and 40 minutes for the food to be served.

Perhaps the hotel is located in a mountain, the swimming pool is especially cool.

My fruit snacks and African Tea at Kiriri

I took this photo by phone while having dinner in Belair. Belard hotel has an airy view. From the rooftop, you can see the whole city.

  1. Ubuntu

The restaurant serves a lot of delicacies, especially, they have grilled lamb, grilled ribs and Hawaiian pizza.

~ $5 for drink and ~$10 for food.

The food is very good but the service can be a bit slow. You have to wait at least 40 minutes to enjoy your meal.

  1. Zion Beach/Zion hotel

I was blown away by how beautiful it is. Zion itself is an incredible hotel with the view overlooking the Lake Tanganyika. The two locations are about 10 km apart.

Zion hotel is located on a hill, I took this photo on 2018 Christmas.

With $5 for drink and$10 for food, Zion Beach restaurant offers you some dishes which are featureless, to me, I don’t appreciate the food served here.

You might be interested in watching the whole process building nest of the bird and enjoying its singing when visiting the restaurant.

  1. Roca Golf Hotel

One of the top picks in Bujumbura. Roca Golf Hotel is located at the Bujumbura Golf Course and features an outdoor pool, spa facilities and a restaurant.

5. The bar

When in Bujumbura, let go to some bars and chill out. It must be specifically mentioned herein the must-go outstanding bars: Pacha and Arena.

Pacha located on the mountain, the way to Pacha is the same one to Kiriri garden. This bar is reserved for young people. It is easy to see teenagers gatherings, they all look really cool.

Arena is located in the city center with a dance floor and plenty of space to choose from.

A traditional drum performance at the Arena

The swimming pool in Pacha lighten up with green and purple lights creates a fanciful space for those of you who love nights party.

The most beloved lake area in the Arena







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