Culture manifests itself in the forms of many different things. And I think the traditional and rustic souvenir is always special. There are plenty of amazing souvenirs that you can bring back from a country to remember your time spent in Burundi. 

If you only visit Burundi for a few days, you are most likely to confuse the images and handicrafts of Burundi with those made in other African countries, like the Westerners get confused when they’re heard of Vietnamese and Chinese cultures. Take a look at the contribution of different African countries, to say the least, you would see how Burundi, a small country called “Heart of Africa”, has preserved the values of its own culture hearth and specificity.

Commonly used household woven stuffs in Burundi

Burundi is a small country. Its forests are sparsely populated and it has practically no rare animals but some of wild ones such as birds and monkeys. The capital city of Burundi is adjacent to Lake Tanganyika, top 10 deepest lakes in the world, in which there is one crocodile and one hippo. From then on, people use the image of that two animals as a symbol for making souvenirs, printing on canvas, or painting, …

Masks used for interior decoration and masquerade festivals.

It seems a little creepy looking at these masks, doesn’t it?






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