Route: There is no direct flight from Vietnam to Burundi. You can fly with Kenya Airways to Nairobi, then to Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi in another 30-minute flight. Burundi is a comparatively small country, so if you are visiting, you should plan for a tour to other East African countries like Tanzania, Kenya or Congo.

Transportation: In Burundi, the most common methods of transportation are private rental car, taxi or bus. However, buses here not quite safe because they are mostly old and always packed. A suggestion of mine is to not travel by buses.

Currency: You can exchange money from US dollar to Franc Burundi (Bif) at the rate of 1 USD  to 3.000 Fbu

Visa: At this moment, Burundi Embassy or Consulate has not been established in Vietnam. You can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at Bujumbura International Airport (the only airport of Burundi). The visa fee is 50 USD. Be aware that in Burundi, they can sometimes ask a higher price, all you need to do is to politely decline.


Burundi enjoys pleasant weather, with an average temperature of 24-26 degree Celsius and lots of sun shine. Rain is irregular, falling most heavily from August to October. Don’t be worried of the raining months in Burundi. Most of the time it only showers and doesn’t last for long. The streets stay dry with no mud.

Food: Burundi’s food is quite diverse and easy to eat. In the center of the capital Bujumbura is Waca Waca restaurant with various choices at affordable prices.

Some recommendations on restaurants:

Good view: Kiriri Garden

Located on a mountain, this is a large hotel with decadent interiors that are modern yet classic in African styles. The restaurant is located on the rooftop, which offers a nice city view and pleasant service. Drink menu starts from $5; food menu starts from $15.

Good food: Ubuntu restaurant

There are many good dishes here in Ubuntu, especially grilled lamb, grilled ribs and Hawaii pizza. Drink menu starts from $5; food menu starts from $15

Appropriate dress code: Burundi is an Catholic country and has an open Western lifestyle. You can wear what you want.


Burundi criminalises same-sex sexual activity by both men and women, with a penalty up to two years in prison and a fine.





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